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Tongtianyan scenic area is located 6.8 kilometers northwest suburb of Ganzhou Babel rock caves dug in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Northern Song Dynasty, has retained a stone shrine statues of the Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty 359, the

I travel to Beijing this summer. Beijing is a very busy, very beautiful city, in the past few days, we went to Tiantan, the Imperial Palace, the bird's nest. Beijing is really beautiful! Today we went to the zoo, there are many animal, a trained elephants.

A trip to Beijing It was a long holiday.We left Wenzhou and got to Beijing on July 1st.On the second day,I went to a park with my parents.On the 3rd,we ate the famous Beijing Roast Duck,then I ate ice-cream.On the 4th,I did my homework.On the 5th,

范文1:My Travel I have a travel plan. I'm going to be in the Shaihai from January eighteenth to the twenty-fifth. I'm going to buy some clothes and books.I'm going to be in the Chouzhou from January twenty-sixth to the thirty-first. I'm going to visit

A Trip I went hiking to a mountain with my friends last summer. It was a good trip at the beginning but something unexpected happened on the half way. One of my friends suddenly felt a terrible pain in his stomach and he couldn't move any further.


Last summer, my family and I went to Hawaii for a holiday! We flew across the Pacific to the tiny island from Beijing. After we booked into a hotel, we rested. Our fun started the next day and lasted for two long weeks. During our time there, we ate

Today is Sunday.My family went on a trip to People's Park.The sun shone brightly,the grass was green and beautiful.And the view on our way to the park is so fantastic that i couldn't stop taking photos.we have a picnic in the park.My mother boated

in last summer vacation ,i went to beijing with my family. first ,we went to the great wall,where we met a lot of foreigners and we also took a lot of photos. they all like our culture and beautiful senery. second.we went to the summer palace ,where the


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