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On that day, people often go home with their families, and eat moon cakes

英语是:All the people who works far from home will come back and have a meal with their family together.解释:home 英[hm] 美[hom] n. 家; 家庭; 家庭生活; 终点; adj. 家庭的; 家用的; 本地的; 本部的; adv. 在家; 在家乡; 深深

因为那一天人们可以和家人团圆 Because on that day people can and family reunion

On this day we get together

除夕人们通常回家家人团聚,共进晚餐on new year's eve, it is a practice for people to go back home for family reunion and enjoy "the family reunion dinner"(年夜饭).

除夕人们通常回家家人团聚,共进晚餐 On New Year's Eve, people usually go home and have dinner together

This day relatives who work outside the home and family reunion

In this day,the family alawys go home together.

During the Spring Festival, people will spare a time with their family no matter how busy they are.

on that day relatives who work outside will go home and get together with their family.


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