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新编实用英语第二册unit1练习答案P4-1①What are you doing tonight② i was wondering ③i wish i could ④write a term paper ⑤ some other time then ⑥ That's right P4-21)are you doing anything special tommorrow evening ?2) i would like invite

选词填空一单元1.but in this instand2.often present3.we thanked our hostess4.comments were appropriate5.did't invent6.have to entertain7.very explicit8.can identify三单元1. be aburden 2. new advances 3


UNIT4 1.这双鞋不好看,但是很舒服 The shoes are comfortable rather than pretty 2.一定要自习遵循说明 Make sure that you follow the instructions 3.你根本不知道我有多担心 You have no idea how worried I was 4.他们攀登这座闪的一切尝试都失败

1--2翻译.(hnycguochuan@163.com)..部分答案VocabularyI. 1. 1) arguments 2) put down3) sequence 4) rigid5) tedious 6) hold back7) reputation 8) distribute9) off and on 10) vivid11) associate with 12) congratulations13) finally 14) turn in/

1-ABABD CDCAAC DB16-20CABCB21-25 DCBDC 26-30CBCDC31-35 ADDBB 36-40DEFAC41-45 ADBBC 46-50ACADB51-55 BCCDA 56-60DDCBB61. it 62.of63. is 64.overlooking65. became 66.which67. the 68.geographical69. equipped

第一单元1. charge 2. convention 3. efficient 4. obtain 5. competent 6. asessing 7. fulfill8. conducting 9. consequently 10. significance IV.1. behind 2. at 3. in 4.out 5. to 6. to 7.in 8.with 9.but 10. for V.1. L 2. C 3.D 4. N 5. O 6.A 7. E 8.G 9.I 10. K Word


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