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我不喜欢西瓜_有道翻译 翻译结果:I don't like watermelons


watermelon 单复数同形,不可以加s

I like watermelons.

I like a lot of fruit,but I like watermelon best.Watermelon's skin is red and the fruit meat is red.I like the colours.Watermelons are very sweet.And when I am thirsty,I want to have some watermelon.My mother says watermelons are my favourite fruit.Yes,

I don't enjoy watermelons.I don't like watermelons.

My favorate fruit are watermelons. They are round, like balls, but some are not so round. They are green on the surface and red inside. They are very sweet. When I'm thirsty in summer, I can eat watermelon. It also makes me feel cool. I like to eat watermelon very much.

你好!不对,This is the reason that i like watermelon!打字不易,采纳哦!

我喜欢西瓜.我也是.可翻译为: -- I like watermelons. -- So do I.


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