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gracethepirate thisstoryisminalyaboutapiratecalledgrace.firstofall,shewasreallyunluckybecauseshewassurroundedbythepirate.andtherulesdidn'tallowwomanonthepirateship.soshewastossedonboardandsenttothenearestisland.butshewasreallytough,

Grace the pirate This story is minaly about a pirate called Grace. First of all, she was really unlucky because she was surrounded by the pirate. And the rules didn't allow woman on the pirate ship. So she was tossed on board and sent to the nearest

我只读了6 7 8 而已 可以吗??不管了,就给我一点分把!!第6本:simon and his rescue dogkelly.they are going to the western Turkey to resue the hunt people.Because there was happen a biggest ever recorded earthquake.kelly is a very

这是最简单的中文 额8 9黑夜挣扎:Tess是Dr Gooch家的新女仆,他发现will是一个可怜的男孩,他爸爸竟然要把它卖给Fry,Tess与harriet想要从Fry救出Will,然而他们被Dr Gooch发现,辛运的是,Dr Gooch把可怜的Will接回家了.8 10海盗格雷

A mule fell into the farmer's well.The farmer heard his mule praying or whatever mules do when they fall into wells.After carefully assessing(considering) the situation,the farmer sympathized with(felt sorry for) the mule, but decided that neither the mule

This is a story about a girl called tess .her mother found a job as a housemaid in mr gooch'house .and tess met a dirty boy called will. one day ,will disappeared.his employer mr fry felt very angry .so they decided to hide will. but mr fry found him and


Carrot Castle's team nearly cheat their way to victory in a football match with King Harry's team, but the Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om come to the rescue. King Charles talked with Mr Goal, he wanted hypnotized Jane to think that red is green, so

《来麻烦了》的英语翻译吗?那便是:here comes the trouble希望可以帮到你.

Stevie's father became a forest warden. The ole man who lived there before called Old Billy. He moved away and Stevie's family lived there with a dog called Black Dan. It belonged to Old Billy before and was a racing dog. But every time when his


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