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你好!令我沮丧的一件事 One thing makes me frustrated

Today, I stay at home alone, nobody calls me, and nobody talks to me. I turn on the music and listen the English songs. I am doing nothing and lying on the bed and watching the ceiling.I went to a strange place with a lot of bushes, I walked and

A miserable experienceEveryone has his or her experience that is unforgettable.And the experience may sad,sorry,happy or miserable.Now,I will tell you a miserable experience that happened when I was very young.It's so terrible that I can't forget

Music makes our life colorful Dear friends, The title of my speech is “Music makes our life colorful ”. Life without music is like a cold winter without sunshine. Music plays a very important part in our life. We can take music as a lifetime friend. When

Anunhappy day Today is an unhappy day for me, because I lost my tennis ball test. I chose tennis ball this semester at P.E class. Today we had sport examination. I was the one who test first, because my student ID is in the first row.I haven't


i like eating fruits, because they are so tasty and we need to have some fruits everyday to keep us health. moreover, in different season we should eat different kinds of fruits, such as in summer, we all feel so hot and thirsty, and watermalon will be a

dear li feng, i heard you meet some trouble in studying. well, it's common for people to meet challenge during the process of anything.cheer up! everything will be all right.

Last Saturday, some of my classmates and I went to the Qiandao lake for some refreshment. Suddenly I noticed an old dustman collecting rubbish thrown about by the visitors. He was apparently having great difficulty collecting some small items,

an unforgettable thing in school one of my roommate often talk when he sleeps. he talked about all kinds of things.for example ,last night, i had a hard jod to fall asleep .i read a novel to make my eyes feel sleepy.when i was concentrated to the story ,


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