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my goal is to be a good english teacher. when i was very young, my uncle taught some simple oral english. such as how are you? i like it very much and so on. when i began to study at school, he taught me more and i stuied very hard. from then on i

“The University Plan I have just become a new college student so I must make a good plan for my university life during the four years.Firstly,as a college student ,what I need to do at present is study hard and make good progress in study.Secndly,

Everyone need to have his or her own goal.The goal must be rational and In line with our ability.Be sure that the object of yours desire is something worthy,something you can obtain.With the goal set,the problem became how to achieve that


楼主参考参考,演讲还是加入一些自己的内容比较好~1.The human lives in this world, if does not have the goal with a good-for-nothing not any difference, flaneries living in others' world, could not feel that the life has any significance! Too fearful.

Hello Everyone, My name is Xiao Ling from class four Grade eight, I'm 14 years old. 大家好,我的名字叫小玲,来自八年四班,今年14岁. I'm an outgoing girl. I really like making new friends. And I also like sports, though I am not quite good at

别急,我来帮你!The Goal of StudyEvery student has his goal of study.Some have a great one but some small.To some degree,a goal determines your success in the future.People wh

plan of my summer holiday this is a special holiday,because i'm going to start my third middle school year,and this year will be full of pressure in both my life and study.to prepare for the year,i planned to take a part time job to improve my ability,then,

The goals of my life. The goal of my life is living a simple happy and healthy life. What I want is a simple life not a complicated one.Because what my job or career offers me are difficult issues which I must handle them properly, and sometimes they are

I'mextremely excited now ,In face of new envirenment of study and life ,I mustmake a good plan for it .Study comesfirst so I should make new goal and improve my study method.Hard will I studyin the college as I do now.It is also important to learn how


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