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Mother went into the kitchen. 妈妈进入了厨房 请采纳谢谢

into synchronism -> adv. 进入同步 be channeled into -> vt. 用到 be heavily into vegetarianism -> vi. 十分主张素食 accepted into -> adj. 被录取 into a towering passion -> adv. 怒不可遏;大发雷霆 into a towering rage -> adv. 怒不可遏;大发雷霆

run into 撞上,偶然碰见 get into 进入,陷入 break into 闯入, 破门而入 look into 调查,观察,过问,窥视 bring/carry into practice 实施,实行 carry/bring into effect 使生效,使起作用 come/go into effect 生效,实施 come/go into force 生效,实

get into

答案是:Put into 把放进 放下 put away 把收好 put up 举起 搭建 put out 熄灭 put off 推迟 延迟put on 穿上

一、动词词组 (包括短语动词)、介词词组和其他词组 (一) 由 be 构成的词组 1) be back/ in/ out 回来/在家/外出 2) be at home/ work 在家/上班 3) be good at 善于,擅长于 4) be careful of 当心,注意,仔细 5) be covered with 被……复盖

IN:bring in 引进;引来break in adv.闯入 打断call in 召来;请来 = send forcut in 插话 提交see in 迎来take in 吸收 理解 欺骗 改小INTO:break into prep.闯入fall into 被分成….

6)thank for 为……感谢 7)apologize to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人道歉 8)look for 寻找 9)leave…for 离开……去…… 10)fall off 跌落 11)catch cold 着凉,伤风 12)catch up with 赶上 13)agree with sb. 赞成,同意某人的意见 14)filled……with 把……装满

一.相近介词和介词短语 1. With the help of 在~~帮助下 under the leadership / care of 在~~领导/关心下 2. be strict with sb. 对~人要求严格 be strict in sth. 对~事要求严格 3. at present=at the present time 目前 for the present 暂时 4. in the sun/

turn into 变成 | 使变成 | 进入 | 变为 come into 进入 | 得到 | 继承 | 获得 change into 变成 | 转换成 | 兑换 | 把


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