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初一英语作文<MY gooD hABits AnD BAD hABits>

Many people have their good habits and bad habits and so do I. My good habits are as follows: I usually get up early in the morning and sleep early at night . It is good for my health . I aslo like playing table tennis in the afternoon ,It makes me happy

1.How to use the computer . Computers play an important role in the modern world. Today they are used in many areas of human activities, such as business, industry, science, and education. The development of computers has also created many

favourite colour and thingsmy favourite colour is blue. blue is colour of sky. and i think blue is very beautiful . and blue is very cool. my favourite thing is basketball. beacaus i very like playing basketball. when i play basketball i feel exsited. and playing

Everyone has two habits, good habits and bad habits.When bad habits come out, we will become irritable, lazy, careless. When good habits out when we will be diligent, hard work, perseverance.Good habits and bad habits are like a pair of natural

I'm pretty healthy.I exercise every day,usually when I come home from school.My eating habits are pretty good.I try to eat a lot of vegetables.I eat fruit and drink milk every day.I never drink coffee.Of coures,I love junk food too,and I eat it two or three

My habit Everyone has own habits. Some of them are good while some are bad. Now please allow me to introduce mine to you. As an outgoing girl, I like sports very much, especially dancing. I can't help dancing as soon as I hear the music.

I have some habits,some are good,but some are bad.I like reading very much.From reading science books,I get a lot of knowledge.From reading novels,I lose myself in the story.I like doing sports,too.It helps me to keep healthy.Also I never put today''

A habit can be many things, some good, some not so good. Everyone has habits that they would like to change and maybe improve upon. I believe the majority of habits I have are good ones but some are not. These bad habits are the ones I will talk

you have a lot of good habits.Such as go to bed early and get up early.And sometimes you aiways do exercise.Like running,playing ball games and so on.But you aiso have bad habits.For example,you like drinking and don't like do homework.

I am pretty healthy because I have some good habits. As the saying goes"An apple a day keeps doctor away", I eat much healthy food. In the other hand, i take exercise five times a week. The most important one is I have much sleep.Do you want



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